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A Summary of the FTC Made in USA Standard

1.  For Products Made in a Foreign Country and sold in the USA

      1.1 The law requires the country of origin to be displayed on the product


2.  For Products Made in the USA and sold in the USA

      2.1  The law does not require the country of origin to be displayed on Made in USA products

             2.1.1 This confuses the consumer and that's bad for business

      2.2  If the manufacturer chooses to make a Made In USA content claim

            2.2.1  The manufacturer must comply with the Made In USA Standard

            2.2.2  If Made In USA is specified it must be "all or virtually all" Made in the USA

            2.2.3  Otherwise using Made In USA must include a statement of qualification

              Examples of statement of qualification
                                   Made In USA using Korean leather
                                   Assembled in the USA 
                                   Made In USA using domestic and foreign components


3.  The exception

      3.1  For automobiles, textiles, wool, & fur products

            3.1.1  The law requires, Made In USA content be disclosed

            3.1.2  This disclosure must comply with Made In USA standard


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