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We help US manufacturers beat their foreign competition with our Certification Mark.

About Us is a website that provides a solution for making Made In USA labeling claims. This solution enables Made In USA manufacturers to claim US content with the confidence. Making the Made In USA claim allows the manufacturer to market their products to a large and growing group of US consumers that are interested in buying Made In USA goods.

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to provide a calculation methodology and a corresponding standardized Country of Origin Mark that clearly communicates the amount of US content in US manufactured products. The calculation and mark shall communicate the total amount of US labor and US material costs expressed as a percentage, of the total labor and material costs of the product. Additionally, the calculation and mark must be transparent and comply with the FTC Made In USA standard for both unqualified and qualified claims.

Our secondary objective is to provide a mark that enables US manufacturers to label their products Made In USA with confidence. This objective can only be achieved provided the manufacturer using the mark is truthful and can substantiate the labor and material claims.

Another objective is to provide a mark that allows for, as may occur from time to time, variance in the percentage of US labor and material costs. Allowing for this variance in advance eliminates the need to change US content claims on labels when variances do occur. 


From comprehensive research we conducted, our organization discovered many things about Made in USA labeling.  Our research included surveys that clearly show what we discovered is good for business and our website MadeInAmericaResearch .com provides the complete details of our findings.

For example, part of what we discovered is how simple changes to the country of origin labeling of Made in USA products can create a competitive advantage for manufacturers.  Changes like the following:


  • The Size of the label
  • The Location of the label
  • The Choice of Words on the label
  • Including the Amount of US Content on the label

To make it easy to accomplish these changes we created a Made in USA mark for manufacturers.   This country of origin mark can be used when making Made in USA origin claims. With another survey and our other research we validated its effectiveness.

We call our mark the Made in USA Content mark.  It is versatile because it can be used to claim any Made in USA content and allows for manufacturing variances.  It is transparent for the US consumer because we created a calculator that standardizes the Made in USA content calculation.  The calculator is free to use and the data entered is not collected or retained by us. 

We license this mark and it is included with a Premium Membership in  

To use our calculator, just enter your manufacturing numbers for domestic and foreign content.  Then click the calculate button and the results will be displayed.  You are presented with the calculation details, along with the resulting Made in USA content mark. 

Using our Made in USA content mark can give you a competitive advantage and we make it easy for you to connect with the growing group of consumers that are interested in purchasing Made in USA products.

Product labelling laws are are sometimes confusing especially for the consumer.  Therefore, product labeling requirements for the Made in USA label are summarized on our Made in USA standard page.

Our Ethos

This Site has no relationship, connection, or affiliation with any political party, religious group, state, local or federal government, social organization, or other association. We strive to present unbiased accurate content information and solicit your help in correcting any material errors you may find.